Sauce Anna Lisa flavors

I love that your sauce has no added sugar and is gluten free! Our family has enjoyed your sauce for years and I am so happy for you that it’s now available in more stores!
 My son Edward LOVES your sauce and if he had his way would have it every night – thank you for making such a wonderful sauce that kids will eat and ask for seconds.  Hands down your sauce is the best and thank you, we look forward to more flavors and creations from your kitchen!

-Lisa and Graydon H. Shorview

My husband and I love your spicy pasta sauce! We found it at Kowalski’s in Woodbury and have bought it many times. Thank you!

-Heather H. Woodbury

I LOVE YOUR SAUCE! Thank you for creating something that is gluten free and has no added sugar! It’s honestly so hard to find stuff without added sugar, even at Whole Foods! It’s simply delicious and my truffle loving husband loves your truffle sauce. 🙂 I have purchase 3 jars from the Cafe at Target headquarters and look forward to finding it at my local Whole Foods in Uptown in the future. Thanks again!

-Mollie K. Minneapolis

Good Afternoon Lisa,
Just wanted to thank you for introducing me to your amazing sauce that I got to try at Jerrys Foods.

-Dave N. Jonny Pops, MN

I sampled your sauce today at Jerry’s…Wow! So yummy! So Great! And, I love that there is No Sugar, No Preservatives and it’s Gluten Free! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe.

-Kari Edina, MN

Along with the sauce being a great addition to recipes for entertaining, it makes for a fab gift as well. It always make me look like a rock star! I tell people it’s straight from a jar but they never believe me. I usually have to grab a jar and show them to prove it. Funny, right!?

-Ericka Council Bluffs, IA

Simply fabulous!! I hope you have connected with Edina Jerry’s team and they have placed their first order. I can’t wait to buy my next jar of the best pasta sauce I have ever tasted!

-Jennifer P. Edina

Being a MN native, when I came to visit this past week I discovered this pasta sauce at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market with my uncle and pappy. (Saturday being the day before I left). I am normally an EXTREMELY picky person, and when I mean picky…I go as far as asking for something like not having tomatoes on a sandwich and if they are on there, I pick them off and still won’t eat the sandwich for fear of it tasting like tomatoes. Ridiculous I know. I am so GLAD I discovered Anna’s. I tried the sample of the spicy I believe? And it was amazing and completely changed my mind. I absolutely love how it’s all natural, as I am trying to eat healthier. I bought a jar to bring home of the White Truffle and I am very excited to make pasta with it. Who ever decided to make this sauce however you guys make it is genius. I’ve never been more happy with a purchase regarding food related items. I will most definatly be recommending this to everyone I know and will have to send my family to the market so they can mail me more. Unless, do you have a website where I can order it online? Again, this sauce is AMAZING! We tried the White Truffle and it was amazing! My mom is now also obsessed with it and we will definatly be ordering it from your website! We can’t wait to have more!!!

-Cassidy H.

Anna Lisa
Bought it at the Farmers Market in Minneapolis I am on a low sodium diet and this is the best!!!!


Anna Lisa
Tasted your sauce at Whole Foods on 4/18. Loved it! Even better? I have a 10 y.o. Boy who loves spaghetti but would never eat the sauce because the tomatoes were too visible and chunky. Even he loved your sauce and seriously begged me to buy it. Thank you for making this puréed enough for his taste and fancy enough for mine. 🙂


I work at the Edina Whole Foods and got to try your spaghetti sauce there one day while you we demoing it, and am so glad I did! I buy it for myself sometimes and recommend it to customers.

-Andrea J. Edina

This sauce is the absolute best, it is all natural, low calorie and absolutely delicious. I love the white truffle but the traditional and the spicy are great as well. This is worth FAR MORE than $9.00 per bottle! Thank you for allowing me to try it in the Maple Grove Whole Foods!!!!

-Cheers, Theresa P. Maple Grove

I never buy pre-made pasta sauce, it just doesn’t beat making it homemade. Until now. Your sauce is delicious and the closest thing to slowly simmering over my own stove. I especially love the spicy! Thanks for making my life easier, and more delicious.

-Salud, Justin

Hello Lisa!
Yes, we love your sauce!! Mike can always tell when he walks in the door when I’m using your sauce! The kids love it too!!! Anxious to try the truffle sauce as well. Thanks for the email back!! Keep up the great work!! Let us know when the new sauce is out!!!!! Hope to see you this fall at the market again!! oh….got you on facebook as well!!!

-Take care, Kenny

Hi Lisa,
I absolutely love your pasta sauce and purchased a few jars to bring back with me to Nashville where I live. I was curious if I decide I need more before I can get back to Minneapolis how much do you charge for shipping to Hendersonville, TN? I noticed you have a $30 minimum so I guess that would be at least 4 jars of sauce. I’m excited for my husband to try it! I just need to figure out if I need to make it very sparingly or not 😉

-Heather Rawlings

Hi Lisa,
I LOVE your spicy sauce!!!!! THANK YOU for letting me have so many samples at the Minneapolis Farmers Market, it’s the only reason why I go with my Mom and Nana to the market. Cheers to the BEST sauce in the whole wide world!

-Kerri Pollock / Cole 9yrs. Old

Subject: Pasta sauce:my compliments to the chef…
I just want to say your sauce is delicious! I bought it while browsing around at the Minneapolis farmers market a week ago. We decided to try it one night with some angel hair pasta , and it was wonderful! But there was one thing different about it then the rest of them. The tang. It makes it sort of, well, I can’t find a way to put it.It’s definitely is better than the store-bought types. I prefer to have this then the other types of pasta.On a scale of ten to ten, I give it a ten. I hope you continue creating the sauces. Have a great summer!

-Blake, Minneapolis

Hi Lisa,
Just wanted to say thanks again for such a fun and delicious experience tonight. We had a great time. It makes for an inexpensive date night, and we are both stuffed with yummy food and knowledge. hope to see you at the Farmer’s Market, or at Kowalski’s. We’d definitely do another class with you…..maybe some lasagna or pizza?

-Krista, Woodbury

I just placed an online order for 6 jars of your Anna Lisa Sauce. I purchased it at the Minneapolis Farmers’ Market and LOVED it!!!
Many thanks!

-Charlotte F.

Hello – just wanted to let you know my family, including my young children, loved your sauce! In fact, they were so excited to taste what I brought home from yesterday’s Farmers’ Market that they took a spoonful out of the jar! The lasagna was fantastico! I’ll see you soon, with my mason jar! Cheers!

-Jen W.

Can you tell me where you are located at the farmers market? Tried looking you up to no avail. Also, do you have other outlets in the south metro area? Thank you. P.S. Your sauce is better than my own!

-Kim B.

I purchased a large jar of your Anna Lisa sauce this past Saturday at the Minneapolis Farmers Market and I promised then that I would email you once I had the chance to use it. Last night I made chicken parmesan and spaghetti for dinner for my husband and me. I used your sauce and my husband said it was the best chicken parm he had ever had. I was thrilled to tell you. I loved it too. Your sauce was a huge hit. I can’t wait to get my hands on more! I hope you plan to return to the Minneapolis Farmers Market soon!

-Ryanne O.

Your sauce Rocks! I put it over a chicken breast with some fresh mozerella cheese, and everyone at the table was trying to eat my food.

-Jill V.

I just wanted to let you know that we had some of your sauce last night for dinner and it was a hit. It was delicious. We bought it at the farmer’s market last weekend.
Are you going to be there again?

-Joan Ann
Eden Prarie, MN

I purchased 2 jars of this, one as a gift, and cooked dinner for some friends. I made two dishes as we had vegetarians; the first dish was meatballs with pasta…the meatballs were a mix of veal and italian sausage with herbs…and the sauce blended and complimented the very flavorful meatballs without either overpowering them or getting lost. The second dish was a variety of mushrooms with olive oil, garlic, pepper, salt and a splash of tobasco for heat. The sauce also went well as you could taste the distinct flavors of the mushrooms. Lisa\’s sauce is the perfect blend of flavor, heartiness, and compatibility with a variety of styles. I look forward to bringing it into more recipies down the road. This sauce beats any storebrand you’ll find!

-Chad M. 

My husband and I had your sauce last night. AMAZING!!!:)!!!:) It was so yummy, earthy, fresh, tangy and a little sultry!

-Katy S. 
St. Cloud, MN

My wife and I purchased a pint of your sauce at the Minneapolis Farmers market in June. We used it to make a cheese manicotti. The sauce had so much flavor our guests didn’t know we had left the meat out! We enjoyed the sauce so much we couldn’t wait to purchase more. The next time we were at the farmer’s market we purchased a larger jar and used it for a family dinner of baked ziti. We didn’t think it was possible but this one was even better than the manicotti. The sauce has so much flavor on its own, in fact we used it as a dipping sauce for bread also for this meal. The flavors were so robust. We can’t wait to try more recipes with your sauce!

-Tim D. 

YOUR SAUCE!! We inherited sauce recipes from Italy and we really love your sauce! Light, sweet and very tasty, your flavor is quite excellent on pastas and as a base sauce on chicken receipes too! Just excellent!! Keep going and expand that line!! I’ll buy! Sincerely, Tom & Juli

-Tom and Juli D. 
Carver, MN

We just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed your pasta sauce. We looked for you at Marketfest last week and couldn’t find you. What shows can I get some more sauce. Thanks,

-Bob R. 

I purchased one of jars this week end at the Minneapolis Farmers Market. It was the BEST….even my picky husband loved it! 🙂 Where can I find you to purchase more?

-Cindy G. 

We were at the Minneapolis Farmer\’s Market a few weeks ago and my husband stopped by your table to sample your sauce and then asked me to try it. We bought a jar and loved the sauce. Not only that though, you said we should come back and tell you how we liked it and that if we brought the jar back that you would give us a dollar. So last Sunday we did just that. I love that we could buy freshly made sauce, made locally and reuse the bottle. What a wonderful way to reduce our carbon footprint and have a great meal all at the same time. See you after we finish this new jar.

-Gale M. 

Lisa, My husband and I had your wonderful sauce for dinner last night. The sauce tastes incredibly fresh and is perfectly seasoned. I sauteed some garlic, mushrooms and fresh Minnesota-grown zucchini, mixed them all in the sauce and served it over whole grain pasta with grated Parmesan Reggiano.
Fantastic sauce. A lovely meal. Thank you!
It was nice meeting you at the Minnetonka Farmers Market. I wish you the best.

-Cathy P. 

We had your sauce this weekend. OMG, it is SO GOOD. My husband literally was just eating it with a spoon right out of the jar. IT IS SOOOOOO GOOD!!!

-Beth T. 

We purchased your sauce from the Mpls Farmers Market each of the last two weekends. The flavor was fantastic – so fresh. We added spicy italian sausage and mushrooms along with a salad- perfecto.

-Renee L-P 

Bought some of your sauce at the Mpls. farmers market. Loved it. Any chance I can get a few jars tomorrow 8/26/10. Plan on making your Lasagna for extended family this weekend at the cabin. Leaving town tomorrow. 🙂

-Brenda M. 

8/27/10 – We bought a jar at the Minneapolis Farmers Market 2 weeks ago and used it as a pizza sauce. We, including my picky-about-his-pizza father, thought it was delicious. This past weekend we returned to the market and just had to buy more sauce. Now the whole family is looking forward to opening the next jar!

-Anna D. 

I am on my second jar of your delicious sauce, which I purchased at The Lyndale Farmers Market. It has such a simple delicious taste and I have recommended to others.

-Earnestine M. 

You can spend a lot of money on a trip to Italy to find a sauce this great … or you can simply go to the Farmers Market on Lyndale and pick up a jar for a few dollars. Hint: buy several jars and save yourself the time of driving back for more, because you will. It is just that incredible!

-Tom B. 

I have the sauce both with and without meat (that I added) and it was FABULOUS!
Loved it!


I bought a jar at the Mpls. Farmer\’s Market a couple months ago. For the last 4 months I have had to follow a specific carbohydrate diet (grain-free). Since it’s squash season, I tried the sauce with spaghetti squash! It was delicious! I’m curious where to find you when it is not Farmer’s Market season?
Thank You so Much!