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I love that you come out to buy our pasta sauce- I love even more that you take it home and prepare a special dinner for you and your family or friends- More importantly I love that we make a special, healthy, authentic pasta sauce that helps you share time with those that you love!

~ Anna Lisa

Best Homemade Tomato Sauce in Minneapolis

image My Family is originally from Naples, Italy. After World War II my grandparents Anna and Louis immigrated to a small town in Northern Minnesota. My grandmother Anna loved to cook and missed the food from her home so much that she opened a small Italian Restaurant called the Woodland Inn. Her great Italian cooking skills and a commercial kitchen (provided by my Grandfather Louis) gave way to quite the culinary experience which was enjoyed by so many. I came along two generations later and fortunately, was able to spend most of my childhood with my grandmother at her restaurant. I learned so much about fresh, homemade, authentic Italian fare... watching and doing what my grandmother Anna Loved. One of the things I remember the most was seeing my Grandmother Anna prepare her homemade sauce. She used only the freshest of herbs and vegetables, along with sun ripened tomatoes. The scent of her homemade pasta sauce was unforgettable. Fresh Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Garlic simmered to sweet perfection. She used it for lasagna, pizza, all sorts of pasta, it complimented any dish. People drove for miles just to enjoy a fresh batch, because Anna's sauce was best!
Today I have re-created this special and slow food experience. I continue to hand select only the freshest ingredients, adding no artificial flavors or preservatives for every jar of sauce I prepare. Each batch is simmered for over ten hours to bring you the same homemade slow cooked flavor that I, and so many others have enjoyed. Use it to top spaghetti, layer lasagna, brush across a pizza pie, or dunk with crusty bread. Whatever you do, please enjoy this fresh, homemade, slow cooked, gourmet Italian sauce... from my family's home to yours, buon appetito!

~Cook Well, Cook Slow, Cook Often, and always enjoy!

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Anna Lisa

We would love to hear your Sauce Anna Lisa story!Let us know how you used Sauce Anna Lisa and please fell free to give feedback.

- Sauce Anna Lisa

Slow food is an international organization founded in Italy in 1986 as a reaction to the first McDonalds opening in Rome. Read more...

- Sauce Anna Lisa



Recipes Click the Recipe to view a pdf of a particular dish. To download all recipes, click the button below. Please feel free to leave a comment and tell us your Sauce Anna Lisa story. Sauce will be sold at the lyndale Farmers Market on Saturday's and Sunday's through out the season. Please come and join us.
Bring an empty jar and recieve a dollar off your purchase.
If you have purchased Sauce Anna Lisa, please tell us your story. We want to know how you used the sauce.

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The first day!

  • I love sharing Sauce Anna Lisa with you. Thank you for all your support!

Lyndale Farmers Market

  • This is me bringing my sauce to the people.


  • The Farmers Market Annex has been so supportive of my venture. Thank You to everyone!

Trevi Fountain

  • My husband and I went to Roma, Italia on our honeymoon and walked passed the Trevi Fountain daily. The air was more romantic than expected....even for my husband!

San Angelo

  • San Angelo is located just south of Vatican City and looked beautiful on this fall morning before a walk through Borghese Park.


  • My husbands favorite part. This structure is over 1500 years old and still standing.

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